Shiraz Lakhi

Shiraz Lakhi is a Dubai based entrepreneur & full time investor, specializing in market neutral long/short portfolio implementation and hedge strategy research.

Having developed a comprehensive, self-directed knowledge in equities, fixed-income, energy, metals, and index futures markets – Shiraz has gained a continually evolving, wide-ranging field of experience, directly applied to a fully hedged, market neutral portfolio of investments across undervalued entrepreneurial/innovative businesses exhibiting strong operating free cash flow metrics.

An entrepreneur at heart, Shiraz is the founder of – a currently free-to-use portal for like-minded investors, designed to identify newly developing equity trading ideas, based on a mix of fundamentals, industry/sector rotation trends, and short term price & breaking-volume action. The tradepilot portal is a trader-developed, continually evolving stock-screening & company-data platform for independent self-directed investors and institutional clients.

Investors may view the latest long/short trade ideas & articles written by Shiraz at SeekingAlpha. Ideas & alerts are also freely published via Twitter and StockTwits.

2 thoughts on “Shiraz Lakhi

  1. I value your website. It has just the right perameters I need for trade set ups and exits. Just curious what the D with a circle signifies?

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