Shiraz Lakhi

Shiraz Lakhi is a Dubai based entrepreneur & investor, specializing in market neutral hedge strategy implementation and long/short equity ‘pairs trading’ analysis. Having developed a comprehensive, self-directed knowledge in equities, fixed-income, energy, and index futures markets – and more specifically, inter-market co-integration between markets – Shiraz has gained a continually evolving, wide-ranging field of experience, directly applied to a fully hedged, diversified portfolio of investments, combining both medium and long term positions in undervalued entrepreneurial/innovative businesses exhibiting strong operating & free-cash-flow metrics, fully hedged through market-neutral pairs-trading positions.

An entrepreneur at heart, Shiraz is also the founder of – a free-to-use portal for traders and investors, designed to identify newly developing equity trading ideas, based on technical analysis ‘cluster’ signals. The signals can be productively combined with core fundamental analysis equity watch lists, to better ‘time’ entries into stocks. Shiraz has also developed the popular and free-to-use ‘trend indicator’ (short term trend measure for individuals stocks), and the ‘xTrend indicator’ (short term trend measure for S&P based, broader market sentiment), both integrated into the tradepilot service. The portal continues to evolve and grow, with current developmental phase expanding the service into a valued social network portal for traders and investors to share real-time ‘fundamental/technical mix’ trade ideas and information.

Based at the Knowledge Village, Dubai, Shiraz brings together a small, focused, global network of talented individuals with the single purpose of developing continually evolving, innovative financial metrics (reconciling both fundamental and technical analysis approaches), towards improving the elusive ‘alpha’ in trading and investment. Research and analytics borne from this effort, is directly implemented and applied towards systems developed and targeted to market neutral incubator phase hedge fund clients, and development of premium market screening software services.

Three years ago, initially as an academic exercise, Shiraz commenced research on hedged pair trading (long & short, dollar-neutral equity pairs trading), to establish whether such fundamental arbitrage analysis could be profitably applied to the modern-day equity market, objectively neutralizing the increasing broader market/volatility risk. The results proved conclusive. Currently in development, the tradepilot portal will expand into deeper fundamental analysis screening based on over 80 key metrics, allowing investors to perform real-time filtering for fundamentally superior ‘bullish’ equities, based on core operating-income/margin growth, free-cash-flow-yield, price-to-earnings-growth, price-to-tangible-book-value ratios, and advanced debt/capital ratios, which establish fundamentally solid pre-qualified companies.

Qualifying companies from the advanced screening platform can then be traded either ‘against’ the S&P index, the sector, or individual companies within the same industry, to produce dollar neutral ‘pairs-trades’, objectively allowing investors to develop technology-driven, intelligent portfolios neutralizing the broader market risk..

Shiraz is an active self-directed investor, managing a proportion of capital directly employed into hedged pair trades, based on both fundamental and statistical (mean reversion) strategies. The balance of capital is employed in long term SME capital projects, and investments, based primarily on the core operating-yield and free-cash-flow-yield metrics, coupled with technical entry timing tools. Investors may view latest trading articles written by Shiraz Lakhi at SeekingAlpha. Trade ideas & alerts are also published in real-time at StockTwits, and at Shiraz Lakhi’s personal blog page right here at

2 Responses to Shiraz Lakhi

  1. Paul says:

    I value your website. It has just the right perameters I need for trade set ups and exits. Just curious what the D with a circle signifies?

  2. Gil says:

    Very interesting articles. I would like to discuss cooperation with you, will you send me your contact to


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