TeleNav (TNAV) Moving Higher On Strong Volume

TeleNav (TNAV) Continues To Gain Upward Momentum On Strong Volume, Despite The Broader Market Downturn (Original Alert Issued 06/14) – By Shiraz Lakhi.

Following my recent article published on Seeking Alpha, shares in TeleNav (TNAV) have been moving higher, currently trading at $16.57/share, originally (at time of publication) at $14.43, up 14.8% in 9 days.

There is justification for this. The company still has plenty of upside, as the current free-cash-flow yield, upon which the initial analysis was founded, remains at around 25%. Additional positive fundamental metrics in favor of TNAV include a price-to-earnings-growth ratio of 1.34, zero debts on the balance sheet, over $210m in cash (on balance sheet), year-on-year sales growth over the last five years. Even if the sales drop, the most supportive metric in favor of the business remains the cash-flow-to-enterprise-value.

The stock is moving higher on consistently strong volume, despite the overall market downturn. I am long TNAV (fully hedged by short SPY).

Wishing you every success in your investments. And good spirit…

Shiraz Lakhi – Independent Investor/Entrepreneur


One thought on “TeleNav (TNAV) Moving Higher On Strong Volume

  1. Hi Shiraz, I love your Do you really intend to leave it free forever, or is this a promotional offer? I used to use But I like yours 10 times more.

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