Long Rimage Corporation (RIMG) With Short S&P Hedge

By Shiraz Lakhi – Original Article Posted 06/12 Seeking Alpha – Holding Long Rimage Corporation (RIMG) Dollar-Neutral Hedged By Short S&P Index ETF (SPY)

Currently holding a long position in Rimage Corporation (RIMG) on strong cash flow reserve. The business maintains a significant cash flow which can be distributed via dividends or re-invested in acquisitions, research & development, or transitioning into cloud technology based data-transfer. Basic ‘strong fundamental’ argument to the upside (read the full article by clicking below image) is founded on an extraordinary 64% free-cash-flow-yield. The long position in RIMG is fully hedged via a dollar-neutral long stock/short S&P pair trade, in anticipation of RIMG outperforming the S&P…

Rimage Corporation, a technology company operating within the computer peripherals industry, generates a current free-cash-flow of $12.07 million (based on trailing 12 month data), with an enterprise-value of $18.58 million. The free-cash-flow yield (FCF/EV) is hence 64.9%. Additional positives in favor of RIMG include zero long & short term debt, 5 year average ROE exceeding 10%, a book-to-market (based on historical cost) of 0.94, and a bullish analyst mean target of $17 per share – by Shiraz Lakhi.


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