Exiting “Long Apple/Short Netflix” Pair Trade…

For those of you who acted on my original June 2011 theses to go ‘long’ Apple shares and ‘short’ Netflix (view original article & trade alert published here), anticipating the relative value (fundamental) arbitrage opportunity between these two companies, you will be pleased to note, the position has now been exited (live alert published via stocktwits and twitter), for a net gain in excess of 75%…

Shiraz Lakhi AAPL/NFLX Pair Trade Alert

The trade lasted precisely 85 days, with Apple (our long position) appreciating 25.3% in this time period, while Netflix (our short position) declined 50.5%.

Net gains from this dollar-neutral trade (eg., long $50,000 AAPL/short $50,000 NFLX) was therefore 75.8% (the differential between the long/short position). On an annualized basis, this represents capital growth of 325% over a pro-rata 365 day period – by Shiraz Lakhi.


One thought on “Exiting “Long Apple/Short Netflix” Pair Trade…

  1. Hi
    I was going thro your web tradepilot.com. Where can I find more details about the tech indicators used there? Like the Trend Indicator & X trend indicator etc Thanks

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